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Whether you are a couple, family or group looking to tackle some of the regions most spectacular and fun off road terrain

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Let's Ride


Farm hackers and road riders, it’s time to learn the art of trail riding  
– if you’ve got clutch control and are competent on 2 wheels but want to progress and challenge yourself – this is for you.

On our 600acre property that climbs high above Queenstown, we’ll challenge you on ever increasingly difficult terrain until you’ve realised you’re capable of a lot more than you thought! Exciting, scary, fun, adrenaline-inducing – this one is for those that want to RIDE! 
$ 319*
per person (price increase 1/10/23)
  • 1.5 hrs
  • Suitable for intermediate riders
  • 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm
  • Gorge Base & Adventure Park

* Book online for exclusive savings

Out There & Back


For skilled riders who are seeking an epic ride in the mountains surrounding Queenstown, we know all the secret spots & have the expertise, experience, equipment and knowledge to take you places you didn’t think possible.

Using registered late-model WR250/450’s, This option is a guided expedition out to the best spots, not a fang on a farm bike. License and experience essential.

For Full Day & Multiday adventures, visit
$ 599
per person
  • 2-3 hrs
  • Suitable for intermediate / advanced riders
  • 9am, 1pm
  • Exclusive Locations decided after consultation
  • Must have road bike license

* Book online for exclusive savings

Learn 2 Ride


Ever wanted to learn how to scrub it like Bubba? Us too..
but we can teach you how to ride a dirt bike pretty well.

This 1.5hr tour is designed to teach you the basic aspects of clutch/throttle control, balance and weight placement when riding dirt bikes – suited to confident, physically fit & persistent adventure seekers. There won’t be any hill climbs or gap jumps on this one, but the photos will look sick & you’ll have learned a new skill by the end of it! 
$ 319*
per person (price increase 1/10/23)
  • 1 hr
  • Suitable for beginners
  • 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm
  • Gorge base

* Book online for exclusive savings

Highly recommended

The trail bike ride was epic, started on a twisty loop track to get a feel for the bike and then hit the trails, with Matt providing helpful tips as we went.