Meet the Toys: Suzuki 2011 RMX450Z

Meet the Toys: Suzuki 2011 RMX450Z

Heart of a champion, a taste for adventure! Off Road Adventures is the first adventure company in the world to run the latest 2011 Suzuki RMX450Z. Racing improves the breed; Suzuki has proven that time and time again. Now it’s time to rewrite the rules for the...

Meet the Toys: Suzuki DR-Z400

As Australasian Dirt Bike magazine’s editor Sam MacLachlan just wrote in the July 2011 issue “Three years ago … and the Suzuki DR-Z400 was one of the best selling dirt bikes that year. Wait … it still is!” We praise these trail champs...

Meet the Toys: Suzuki DR-Z250

The little brother of the Trail master DR-Z400. The DR-Z250 is a little lighter on the scales and sports slightly shorter haircut which requires less man handling to get the job done.